It’s A Match

Under the Distinguished Patronage of the Mayor’s African American Advisory Board of Yonkers, BIG NY proudly presents the first iconic Yonkers Fashion Week (August 23rd through 27th, 2022). The perfect venue is a perfect match! It will be at the Yonkers Public Library. This year’s Yonkers Fashion Week will be an epic experience that will showcase culture, beauty, talent, and style. BIG NY is requesting your financial support with this incredible event.

Loving the venue. This library is amazing and they actually have an art gallery upstairs on the 4th floor. Who knew? 

The recent YOFW Casting Call for designers was a pleasant surprise and a breath of fresh air highlighting talent from clothing designers and young entrepreneurs featuring their products and services.

There were a few glamourous futuristic and energetic superstars offering hair products and trendy clothing designers embellishing us with clothes lines that will warrant attention and propel them into millionaires with their future increasing sales having us thirsting for more.

Designer and Entrepreneur Que Coleman 

Meet Que Coleman, owner of  Diva Hair Box, the world’s first hair weave subscription box where customers will receive a monthly hair subscription box. It’s a beautiful new theme style hair box that Que will be mail directly to the comfort of your door. This Queen provides all types of hair to choose from, between unprocessed and raw human hair.

Diva Hair Box

Diva Hair Box provides clients with a high quality beauty experience, that is designed for comfort and delivered to their front door or Pop Up Shop..

Our mission is to exceed your expectations, while providing high quality hair at an affordable cost. Our mission is to provide the highest level of customer service to each client.

Diva Hair Box customers can expect to receive hair that is organically curated with them in mind. They have over 12 years experience in the raw hair industry. Understanding the ins and outs of this field, they partner with small family based factories allowing them to have full control and maintain the quality process. There are NO synthetic fibers, NO animal hair and NO foul smell. Each bundle is conditioner washed before they are shipped to you. No wonder why, Diva Hair is worth crowning.

Your daily dose of freedom

Diva season

Diva Hair bundles are made to last so long as you care for it. Our hair looks better with every wash, year after year. When you purchase your Diva Hair Box, we provide you with instruction cards on all that you need to keep it looking brand new every day. The styles you can achieve with your Diva Hair are endless. Because. you are receiving pure natural hair, you are able to wear it straight, wavy or curly. Hair can also be curled, color, and permed. The sky is the limit.

Our Biggest Assets

We believe our customers are our biggest assets. Without you, there is no us. We provide you with loads of resources on how to care for you and your hair. Visit Diva Hair Box online at