YO ~ What’s going into the production of our fashion show?

What goes into the production of a fashion show? 1) Dedication – working with a group of likeminded people with useful contributions, and 2) Experience – we’re been in the entertainment industry and may not be the expert with all the answers, but collectively, we share the same passions to give support to make things happen. 3) Courage – Taking that first step and expanding beyond a dream.

New York City is undeniably one of the most renowned cities in the world, when it comes to fashion, serving as the premier international arena where all nations participate for global recognition. Since the inception of “Press Week”, which debuted in NYC in 1993, the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) created the modern notion of a centralized New York Fashion Week. BIGNY has elected to amplify on the notion of an already refined and established history of New York Fashion Week, and thereby include the City of Yonkers. For the first time, in August of 2022, BIGNY is presenting its contribution to the fashion enclave, with its announcement that we are adding Yonkers Fashion Week (YOFW) to the plume of the Fashion community!

BIGNY has a strong commitment to community development, social justice, education and lifting people up. One of the primary missions of BIGNY is to “promote education and culture through fashion”. In addition, BIGNY is establishing an initiative that would focus our efforts on securing and providing educational scholarships, present monetary awards to deserving individuals and/or entities, investments to encourage growth and development of individuals and/or organizations that share likeminded goals such as supporting community rebuilding. BIGNY will use its platform in recognition of public figures who are contributing to the larger community in a positive and meaningful way. Another proponent of YOFW, launched by BIGNY, will be the sponsorship of a clothing drive, which promotes charity, selflessness, which encourages the building of positive fellowship, while creating another opportunity in the City of Yonkers for community service.

This year, in partnership with the distinguished patronage of the City of Yonkers, Yonkers Fashion Week will be launched as a BIGNY ingenuity, and is a multifaceted platform that will be reflective of the community in which BIGNY intends to serve. This year’s event will be hosted at the Yonkers Public Library located in Larkin Plaza Center from Tuesday, August 22nd thru Saturday August 27th, 2022. The grand finale of YOFW will conclude with a huge gala event on Saturday, August 27th, which constitutes a public recognition ceremony at the conclusion of the fashion gala presentation and further acknowledgments and awards will be recognized at the gala evening reception to take place at The Ukraine Youth Center in Yonkers.