Yonkers Fashion Week, LLC.

Founded in 2022 by Black Investors Group New York (BIG NY), a grassroots organization which comprises seven (7) dedicated forward-thinking professionals who believe in investing in people, in addition recognizes the fashion world is a major player in the investment world.

One of the core values of BIG NY is to positively impact the social and financial structure of its community by creating opportunities for people to combat poverty, oppression, and social isolation through education while providing concrete support.

BIGNY in partnership with the Mayor’s African American Advisory Board of Yonkers New York presents the first Iconic Yonkers Fashion Week. The Yonkers Fashion Week will be an epic experience that will leave you with sheer excitement and satisfaction.

“This event will showcase diversity of culture, beauty, talent, class and style.” ~ Fran Chief PR Officer 

Yonkers Fashion Week will be held at the Yonkers Public Library.  



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